Welcome to Trans-Med Ambulance, Inc.

Trans-Med Ambulance, Inc., from its inception in 1984, is a company whose mission is to provide medical transportation services with the highest quality possible and in a cost effective manner. To provide such services while recognizing the contribution of constituents of the process; the patient, the client, the community and the employee.

Trans-Med Ambulance, Inc. has acknowledged the importance of establishing certain values and maintaining its growth in concert with them. The simplest way to describe the value and philosophy of Trans-Med is through one word, respect. The knowledge that one must respect the needs, opinions, fears, concerns, contributions, and sensitivities of all  those we work with, work along side and those we serve; is the essence of our foundation. A strong sense of obligation, loyalty and pride is our cornerstone. Respect for the human spirit and concern for human dignity are the material that we use to build and expand upon our belief that we can make a significant impact on the lives we touch.

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